How Language Colours Experience

In an update to an old post, Language and Experience, I want to highlight another review of studies into the effect that language has on the way individuals perceive the world.

The crayola-fication of the world: How we gave colours names, and it messed with our brains. by Aatish Bhatia

This overviews a number of studies into the differences in colour categorisation throughout various cultures / languages.

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Mr Johnson used his powers as chairman of Transport for London to instruct the body to ditch the campaign.

He said yesterday: ‘London is one of the most tolerant cities in the world and intolerant of intolerance.

Cue paradox-induced collapse of local space-time continuum. WELL DONE BORIS.

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Yep, pretty much.

Yep, pretty much.

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Animals cannot protest against their abuse.  We are here to protest for them.


Animals cannot protest against their abuse.  We are here to protest for them.

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Does anyone know…


If there is a store, or a brand, or something, that is like what Hot Topic was when i was like… fourteen… so in 2004ish? I’m talking like, creepers and patches and black and leopard print and metal and no one was afraid to wear symbols of satanism or anti-christianity?

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Ink Underwater. Oh My God.

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Brief Summer Statement

This morning I woke up to sunshine dulled by the curtain and the sound of a neighbour distantly hammering posts into his garden. Nothing else. It was beautiful.

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Drear // “Welcome to the Real World”

Here is a quick one for you today. Doom metal can be a tough nut to crack, no doubt. Not only does the intensely dark music take some getting used to, but many times doom metal artists aren’t really in the business of keeping things brief. One of the most shining examples of the genre, Sunn O))), craft tracks that approach the 20-minute mark. Yeah, good luck just jumping into that.

UK doom metal band Drear dabble in doom metal no doubt. Just listen to this bone-crunching guitars and the toxic sludge-coated vocals. The band sent me this recently-released this 2010 track that they had sitting around. If you’re looking for a quick shot of some quality doom metal here it is at only 4 minutes. Sure it has some rough edges, but in truth it’s a demo. To make things more interesting the band changes things up by stirring in some noise and punk rock influence. It’s a sign that these guys seriously know what they’re doing and they’ve got my attention for whatever they toss around next.


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Ace woman #6 - Boudica

Ace woman #6 - Boudica

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So I guess the time has come to round off all the obscure teaser clips and sketchy updates with the real deal.

Here is Seating Plan.


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Yes Yes, Here We Go

We can’t ignore Somalia, warns David Cameron

"These problems in Somalia don’t just affect Somalia. They affect us all," he said.

"In a country where there is no hope, chaos, violence and terrorism thrive. Pirates are disrupting vital trade routes and kidnapping tourists.

"Young minds are being poisoned by radicalism, breeding terrorism that is threatening the security of the whole world.

"If the rest of us just sit back and look on, we will pay a price for doing so."

As was already obvious back in December, Somalia is next on the hitlist for “Western intervention”. As covered in the previous post, there has been an increasing stream of news articles in the mainstream media about the troubles of Somalia, in particular using the accessibly tragic sounding metonym, “The Failed State”.

I suspect this announcement by Cameron marks the first proper step toward invasion. 

Atrophy Productions: A potentially long overdue update


It’s been a busy few weeks for us and as a result we’ve fallen a bit behind on keeping this thing updated. So we make no apologies for that.

Anyway, our entry for the 2 Days Laughter competition is coming on leaps and bounds. With just one week to go until the deadline, we only have the music…

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